Are You Engaging Your Students Outside of the College Classroom?

University-level curriculum must contain elements that take students out of the classroom.

The college experience is packed with new experiences. So much so that it can be difficult for faculty to create meaningful connections between curriculum and the students.

Service learning projects create emotional connections.

Volunteer work in the local community helps to bring elements of classroom curriculum to life. The college classroom is often clean and organized, but the truth of the world is that many issues are tough to handle and cause emotional and physical trouble for people

Make connections with local volunteer organizations to find ways your students can get involved. Students are often eager to apply lessons from classroom learning in a way that gets them off campus and into the community. These activities also help to foster positive relationships between the community and the university.

Arts and Culture help to give classroom lessons a creative side.

University students have a wide range of abilities and interests. With expanding class sizes it can be difficult to know just what they bring to the table. Adding arts and culture can make classroom lessons more memorable and increase participation.

Local art galleries and museums often feature exhibits that relate well with university curriculum. Touring venues that allow for creative expression give college students a new point of view in which to understand concepts that were covered in the classroom.

International tours allow for group learning and new insights.

Many universities focus on group learning projects to improve communication and comprehension, but how many actively promote travel beyond international borders?

When students see for themselves that communities in other countries often have very different ideas about concepts they've been taught, they're able to process the material on a deeper level.

These international experiences are popular with students that are seeking to broaden their horizons and make the most of their university experience. Find out more about how a custom-designed international experience can take your curriculum to new places.