3 Reasons Every College Student Should Travel Abroad

A true university experience must now include experiential learning.

There is no better way to learn the true value of a skill or theory than to experience it in person. Faculty and students at universities across the country are starting to see the power of educational tours.

1. Explore places that have played a role in global history.

College students won't fully grasp the influence that places like The Netherlands have on global politics and justice until they see it for themselves. Walking through the buildings that hosted Europe's most powerful minds lends a perspective that can't be found elsewhere.

Giving college students the ability to say, "I've been there" is a benefit that lasts a lifetime. They'll be able to weigh in on any topic concerning Europe's history and current politics by sharing real experiences. That's a power that few others have.

2. See theories and practices move from textbooks to reality.

As class sizes continue to grow each semester, students have less opportunities to put their new knowledge into practice. Hands-on activities have been shown to dramatically increase a person's ability to retain information.

Textbooks and other classroom resources can supplement learning, but there is no substitute for walking through London and touring its justice buildings. Hearing the accents, tasting the food, and interviewing the people that live it everyday is essential to fully comprehending theory and practice.

3. Discover along with peers and professors.

Traveling with a group is a formative experience that everyone should have. Navigating subways and boulevards in a foreign country isn't stressful with a group, it's a chance to sharpen communication skills and have fun together.

When an educational tour is guided by experience professors with a background in instruction and practice, students are able to balance fun with true learning. They're available to answer any question, whether it's about the subway stop or about the criminal court system.

Planning the educational experience of a lifetime doesn't need to be stressful. Get a free quote from us and start providing students with lessons that can't be matched anywhere else.