Criminal Justice in The Netherlands

This program introduces students to criminal justice related issues in The Netherlands. The program focuses on law enforcement, courts, corrections, drug policy, international crime, human trafficking, and international justice. In particular, the program focuses on comparative drug laws, harm reduction, legalized prostitution, human trafficking, and law enforcement in Amsterdam. Students then explore global justice issues related to the International Criminal Court, International Court of Justice, the Peace Palace, and international policing (EUROPOL) in den Haag, Netherlands (The Hague).

Criminal Justice in Ireland

These 2 or 3 week programs travel throughout both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK), stopping in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, and more. Famous attractions like the Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle are also on the itinerary. Academic visits include meetings with local police, drug prevention/treatment providers, court officials, and community corrections providers. We also visit historical prisons and spend time with the Policing Services of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and visit both their police college and their memorial gardens. A historical review of the Ireland-Northern Ireland conflict by visiting murals and museums about "The Troubles" is included.

Criminal Justice in the United Kingdom

This program focuses on law enforcement, courts, corrections, restorative justice, and drug policy in the United Kingdom (specifically England, Scotland, and Wales).

Students visit with members of law enforcement and corrections in Edinburgh (Scotland), Cardiff (Wales), and London (England) and visit local criminal courts. Students meet with professionals who work in drug prevention/treatment as well as restorative justice programs.